Breaking Down Barriers: How Staples is Celebrating the Black Community

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“In recognizing the humanity of our fellow beings, we pay ourselves the highest tribute.”

Thurgood Marshall, first African American U.S. Supreme Court member

Black History Month is an important time to celebrate the leadership and accomplishments of our African American communities. At Staples, we work to increase awareness of black culture through the employee-driven group, Mosaic. Mosaic promotes inclusion in the workplace and is dedicated to enriching the black communities in which we live and work. Part of their goal is to support recruiting, retention and growth development efforts for black employees at Staples.

We caught up with committee chair, Brian, to find out how Mosaic will celebrate Black History Month, why he got involved with this group, and what impact Mosaic has had on the Staples culture.

Why did you become involved with Mosaic, Brian? 

Brian, Program Manager, Talent Operations

I learned about the different diversity and inclusion groups during the Staples interview process and immediately knew I wanted to be involved. My passion is helping people. Mosaic allows me to help black colleagues with the challenges they experience throughout their careers. I’m able to ensure they are treated with respect and feel valued. On top of this, the group has provided me with a sense of belonging as well as allowed me to develop and showcase my own leadership skills.

What impact has Mosaic had on the #StaplesLife culture?

Mosaic creates a safe space for employees to speak their minds. These open dialogues allow for genuine and honest communication, which helps break down barriers and connect individuals on a deeper level. Mosaic’s chief goal is to not only increase the African American employee population at Staples, but to help this group grow into, and excel in, leadership roles.

Can you name a few events or group initiatives Mosaic has worked on previously?

In the past, we’ve provided educational and professional development workshops for employees as well as outside youth groups. Specifically, we’ve frequently supported the National Society of Black Engineers. We’ve also partnered with a few non-profits such as BUILD and Next Step through volunteer work aimed at increasing awareness of their missions.

How is Mosaic celebrating Black History Month?

We will be hosting several events throughout the month, including a coding exercise for Black Girls Code and a kickoff event featuring cultural music and Afro cuisine. On top of this, we’re developing a video series where employees share their thoughts on what Black History Month means to them and how they get inspired. The videos will be released weekly, keeping the importance of black history top of mind throughout the month.


Diversity and inclusion are an important part of Staples’ culture. Through groups like Mosaic, we continue to break down barriers and provide a welcoming space and equal opportunities for all. Experience our culture of inclusion and join the team – view our available opportunities today.

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