Discover a Supply Chain Team That Pairs People and Robotics

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The world of logistics and delivery is ever-changing. We now expect expedited shipping — if the item won’t arrive within two days, we cancel the order. But, do you know the logistics around getting that package to your door the next day? Our Supply Chain team does.

We’ve built a system that helps us exceed customer expectations while also keeping our employees happy. We do this through complementary technology, pairing innovative robotics with our dynamic employees. Robotic software does the heavy lifting, while our employees stay focused on quality assurance for your order. This mode of production enables our teams to be more efficient – and when we work smarter, you get your order faster.

See for yourself:

The future of supply chain logistics is here. Staples technology combined with our exceptional employees help us meet our customers’ needs now and in the future. Do you want to partner with our groundbreaking technology? Find your fit on our Supply Chain team today!