Peyton and Katy: Living Their Workplace Dreams

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Flexibility in the workplace can mean many different things — adjusting hours for appointments, working remotely full-time, or even just one work from home day a week. Or perhaps it’s having the option to work at a collaboration space instead of your assigned desk, or having a desk that can be adjusted for standing or sitting. Workplace flexibility isn’t a one-size-fits-all, and different elements of flexibility may make sense for some roles but not for others.

Peyton and Katy are two Staples employees that have mastered workplace flexibility. They were able to pick up their laptops, move to the West Coast, and work out of Airbnbs for a month. Luckily, as recruiters, the two already worked remotely full-time, so they had a solid foundation to make this adventure a reality. We sat down with these friends to learn what sparked their adventure, how they are finding a work-travel balance and their favorite thing about working at Staples.

Did you know each other before you worked at Staples? How did you become friends?

Peyton: Yes! We have known one another since kindergarten. We went to elementary school, middle school, high school and college together, and now both work at Staples, which is pretty crazy!

How did this plan to work in California for a month come about?

Katy: We both wanted to travel after graduating from college, and after both receiving jobs at Staples that were remote-based, decided there was no better time. It is cold back home on the East Coast (which we aren’t the biggest fans of), so we figured we would drag our laptops to sunny California.

What’s your current plan/itinerary?

Katy: Our first stop was Orange County, CA, where we stayed for two weeks; we also took day trips to Los Angeles. We are now in San Diego for another two weeks— and have been loving it so far! We will end our trip in Northern California for a long weekend, experiencing places like San Francisco, Napa Valley and Alcatraz.

How are you balancing travel and work?

Peyton: We can continue working on East Coast time, which has made a difference. We wake up at 6 a.m. and work until 2 p.m. everyday, which leaves us with a lot of time to enjoy the rest of our day. We’ve taken our laptops to local coffee shops and even the beach so we still feel like we’re getting the most out of our days. It’s been great!

Why do you enjoy working at Staples?

Peyton: Since we both started working at Staples, we’ve met such great people. Even though our job is remote, everyone is so supportive and it really feels like a community. I think some people fear working from home because they think they won’t meet anyone and will be isolated, but it’s the complete opposite. It gives you the chance to go out and explore and meet more people than you ever would in an office.

What does workplace flexibility mean to you?

Katy: It is everything. We both just graduated in May 2018 and didn’t want to miss out on being able to travel in our 20s. That said, we also really wanted to start our careers. Staples has given us the best of both worlds. If we can bring our laptops, we can work from anywhere, which is pretty cool and not something most people can say.


Work flexibility is something many jobseekers now expect when evaluating their next role. In a recent survey conducted by Staples, 67% of employees said they would consider leaving their job if their work arrangements became less flexible.

Though not every role can allow for a full-time remote setup, we love seeing our employees get creative with the flexibility their role allows for. Like Peyton and Katy, be happy doing what you love!

Photo taken by Katy and Peyton along the California coast