Join Anna for a Day in the Life of a B2B Sales Rep!

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Sales – it’s not for everyone. It’s goal-oriented, numbers-driven, requires a positive attitude and lots of perseverance. But for competitive-natured Anna, it’s the perfect fit – a job that keeps her motivated, focuses on relationship building and utilizes her entrepreneurial spirit. Majoring in fashion and apparel design at Indiana University, sales wasn’t her first choice for a post-college gig. Upon graduation, and eager to start working, Anna took an inside sales position for a homeowners’ resources company. A role that she assumed would be short-term until something better came along. However, much to her surprise, she discovered how the position fit her love for problem solving, healthy competition, and team work. Sales was unexpectedly where she belonged.

Anna progressed into outside sales and transitioned to Staples, supporting B2B business development. After two and a half years of success, she exclaims “I hope to soon grow into a leadership role where I can share my knowledge with other young professionals.”

Although “no day is ever the same,” Anna shares below what the typical day entails for her as an outside sales rep.

The Average Day (M, T, Th, F):

7 AM – I wake up and make my mixed berry smoothie (even in the winter!). I check my email and review my meeting schedule for the day.

Anna’s mixed berry smoothie

8:30 AM – Every Friday, my team has a call to review progress. As a group, we chat about any new priorities, discuss our wins from the week and review any challenges we’ve come across and how to navigate them.

9 – 4 PM – This time can be a little different every day. Ideally, I try to have four customer meetings scheduled. If I am not meeting with customers, I focus on setting up accounts, prospecting new leads and calling or emailing new business to book our first meeting.

4 – 5 PM – I spend this time finishing up any admin work that needs to be completed before the next day. On Fridays, I complete any prep work for the upcoming week; it’s nice to hit the ground running on Monday mornings.

5 – 6:30 PM – Depending on the day (and the weather), I will go on a walk around my neighborhood. But, if I’m being honest, some days I use this time to just relax on the couch and watch The Office.

6:30 – 7:30 PM – I love to cook and am a big fan of Blue Apron’s meal kit service. They make it easy to try different recipes and learn new cooking skills. I’m typically the cook in my household. My boyfriend and I love to relax and eat!

“My boyfriend and I are pretty much tied when it comes to our Jeopardy competition”

7:30 PM – Loyal Jeopardy fans, my boyfriend and I sit down and compete against each other most evenings.

10:30 PM – In the evening, I usually have a little downtime to watch Netflix or read before I ultimately fall asleep.

Wednesdays (My Favorite Day):

7 AM – I wake up and make that precious mixed berry smoothie, check my email, and overlook my meeting schedule for the day before traveling to our Stoneham, MA office.

8 AM – The full group sits down together for a weekly team meeting. We spend this time going over strategies for closing customers or collaborating on any new ideas a teammate may have.

9 – 12 PM – I spend this time booking first appointments with potential customers. I will either call them directly or send targeted emails.

Lunch at Sweetgreen

12 – 1 PM – Wednesday Lunch is VERY important to my team. We usually try to keep it healthy and go to Sweetgreen. Sometimes we cave and go to Fusion Taste for sushi and General Tso’s chicken. 

1 – 4 PM – I continue to target new customers for first meetings. Relationship building is very important.

4:30 PM – I arrive home and search for parking, which can be tough in Boston.

Evening – On Wednesdays, my boyfriend and I like to try new restaurants.  We will research any new places, decide what we are in the mood for and then stuff our faces!


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