Celebrate Autism Awareness Month with Us

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April is World Autism Month and we are joining others to help increase understanding and acceptance of people with autism. At Staples, we are dedicated to hiring individuals with disabilities. That’s why we were one of the first companies to partner with ADVICE in 2015.  ADVICE connects large companies with local disability resources and introduces them to job seekers that are on the autism spectrum.

There are approximately 50,000 people on the autism spectrum that transition into adulthood each year in the United States alone. The sad truth is that many of these young adults are capable of working yet find it difficult to attain employment. Through ADVICE’s efforts, companies can tap into this diverse labor pool. ADVICE works to ensure that companies, and those with autism, receive employment matches that will last.

Through our partnership with ADVICE, we have gained several hard-working employees – one of them being John who works in our London, Ohio fulfillment center. He joined our team in 2017, working in our soda boxing area. When talking about his favorite part of working at Staples, John says, “It’s the people I work with. They are helpful when needed and fun to be around.” 

John with his supervisor, Erin.

We believe that more companies should join us in hiring individuals with disabilities because it helps build a stronger community.  Employees with disabilities can bring an authenticity and loyalty to any corporate culture.

What does John want others to know about workers with disabilities? “People with disabilities can work just as hard, if not harder than those without.”  Well said, John.

Learn more about the common misconceptions surrounding autism and help spread love and understanding this April and always.