Meet Our Core Values

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Values are an integral part of any business and every company has their own unique set. They identify the principles that guide our actions and set the tone for our corporate culture.  

At Staples, we recently went through a brand transformation and it was clear we needed values that reflect where we are moving as a business as well as what our employees should strive to live and work by. That’s why we identified three core values that ensure we work differently:

Put the Customer First…Always

Everything we do is in service of our customer – we partner with them to ensure we’re a critical part of their success. From day one, our goal is to earn their respect and trust. We do this by using data and insights to proactively anticipate their needs and identify opportunities for improvement.

Work Together, Be Inclusive

We work together and break down silos to understand how others across the organization help achieve our unified company vision. It means including others and generating diversity of thought by understanding different perspectives and applying others’ diverse experience, ideas, styles and backgrounds. It requires working collaboratively across boundaries to develop solutions, inspiring others to become change agents and using data to influence the best decisions for the organization. We want everyone to be their authentic self and act with empathy.

Stay Curious, Be Your Best

Our employees strive to continuously improve. They ask questions and dig deeper to learn, progress and push their potential. This includes exploring new ways of looking at problems and experimenting with different solutions to solve them and reflecting on both successes and failures to extract and share lessons learned.  It’s about being resilient and maintaining a positive outlook when faced with challenges.

We share a passion for teamwork, innovation and our customers. Our values reflect this. Want to learn more about the Staples culture? Visit our careers site.