3 Reasons Why Dustin Loves Working in Tech

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Sr. Manager, Application Security

“Staples is more innovative than people realize.”

Tech guru Dustin knew from an early age that he wanted to focus on computer science. This attraction began when he realized he could use innovative tech solutions to build things. With a background in graphic design and software engineering, he brings a unique and creative skillset to our team. He joined the Staples Digital Solutions group over five years ago as a senior developer on the data analytics and engineering team. From there, he worked with the customer account management group as an application architect before transitioning into application security. Today, Dustin leads a team that supports building security into the solutions we provide for both Staples and our customers. He loves being able to find creative ways to achieve customers’ goals while also getting to play with cutting-edge technology.

Why does Dustin love working in tech so much? Here’s his top 3 reasons:

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It’s not always top of mind when thinking about Staples, but we’re continuously innovating and developing creative tech solutions. With solutions involving IoT, AI and robotics, we strive to better support our customers with their worklife needs. Want to work with Dustin and be a part of this transformative team? Visit our careers site for a list of current tech openings!