What Makes a Good Boss? Staples Employees Weigh In

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I’m certain that at some point during your career you’ve seen or heard the phrase, “people leave managers, not companies.” I’ve seen it many times in my LinkedIn feed alone, and you know what? I believe it’s true. A good boss can make or break your work life and, thankfully for me, at Staples we are surrounded by some great ones.

In honor of National Boss’s Day, I wanted to learn about some of our employees’ favorite managers and what qualities made them so special.

Nicole, Communications Specialist

“I’m incredibly lucky to have a great boss here at Staples who really makes me want to come to work every day. She has confidence in my abilities and ideas, which has helped me take risks and grow. I’ve taken on some stretch projects and learned different areas of the business because she is always pushing me to be the best version of myself.”

Billy, HR Operations Manager

“My favorite boss was someone who was willing to give me the independence to drive my own career growth. They provided me with the guidance to be successful and were there to assist me as needed.”

Nirmala, Senior Digital Solutions Manager

“Throughout my career, I have been lucky to work under some amazing leaders. By recognizing and playing to my strengths, they challenge me to go above and beyond. These types of bosses help me stay motivated to do my best work and make me feel valued and supported.”

Josh, Senior Marketing Manager

“My best bosses would ask me ‘why should we do this, how is happiness created in the work I do, and what does the goal line look like?’ These approaches allow me to find purpose in the work I lead and the opportunity to master the process of becoming successful. This type of leadership provides autonomy and assists at preventing challenges from becoming landmines.”

Taylor, Associate Category Merchant

“I have been fortunate with my bosses at Staples. They’ve helped me develop my career through internal advocacy and by instilling me with the confidence to realize my full potential. I have been able to observe my leader’s success and implement their strengths into my own working style.”


Looking at the responses now, it’s interesting to see that many directly tie back to our core values. A key theme is managers that are inclusive of their team members’ expectations and goals, as well as managers that empower their employees to stay curious, keep learning and to strive for their best.  It’s leaders like this that keep us inspired and motivated. On behalf of the Staples team, I wish every boss, or aspiring future boss, a Happy National Boss’s Day.

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