Employee Spotlight: Sara – The Passionate Pricing Manager

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As a member of our pricing group, Sara leads a team responsible for the design, analysis and execution of pricing strategies. She didn’t always work in pricing though.  She began her career in higher education focusing on college financial aid policies, but after several years Sara was ready for a change and decided to pursue her MBA.  It was during this time that she learned about pricing as a discipline and fell in love with the combination of economic control, data-driven decision making, and strategic thinking that drives the field. She hasn’t looked back since.

I sat down with Sara to learn more about her team, what led her to Staples, and what her favorite aspect of #StaplesLife is. Here’s what she had to say: 

Describe your career journey. What led you to Staples?

In my job search post-graduation, I was looking for an established pricing organization where I could not only add value by drawing on my experience and education, but also learn from seasoned pricing professionals. The Staples team offered that along with a dynamic, fast-paced environment. I’m surrounded by smart, driven people who support each other in achieving big goals.

What are you responsible for as the Pricing Manager at Staples?

I lead a small team. Together, we look for opportunities to improve and maintain our pricing strategy for business programs as well as address changes in the market. We focus on the segment of customers who are small to mid-size businesses with programmatic pricing. I also strive to serve as a bridge to our counterparts in the sales organization.

To be successful in pricing, you need to be _________________.

Analytical and adaptable. We operate in a competitive space and market forces are constantly shifting. We need to be able to identify areas of opportunity and make data-driven decisions about how to respond.

What do you look for when hiring for your team?

I want my team members to be curious, to always be looking to learn and improve, and to be data-driven.

What’s something surprising about pricing that many don’t realize?

Collaboration is key! We rely on partners in sales, marketing, merchandising, tech – virtually every team – to flesh out insights about our customers and market trends. We also need their support to drive awareness to areas we have sharpened price competitiveness.

What’s your favorite aspect of #StaplesLife?

I love the community at Staples – my colleagues seek to build real relationships with each other. I’ve heard leaders at all levels advocate for both peer to peer learning and having a growth mindset. This creates a collaborative environment where employees can thrive.


Sara’s team is focused on making data-driven decisions and finding opportunities to continuously improve our pricing strategy. Interested in joining the team? Check out our available pricing opportunities