Employee Spotlight: John – Cooking up Worklife Solutions

John, Sales Account Manager

A special element of the Staples sales organization is the diversity of backgrounds amongst the team. John, for example, a Senior Account Manager in Maitland, Florida, joined the team with more than 30 years of sales and management experience, most of which was in the wholesale end of the food industry. Today, supporting the Northeast region, John spends his days developing and maintaining long-lasting customer relationships. He identifies new business opportunities amongst existing clients, educates them on each of our product offerings, and ensures his recommendations stay within their budget. “My main objective is always how happy and successful I can make the client. This is how you build an ongoing relationship,” John explains.

I sat down with John to learn more about his success, why someone should join the team, and the fun he bakes into his days outside the office. Here’s what he had to say: 

Sales can be a grind at times. Why do you think you’ve been successful within your role?

I think what’s really helped me has been my ability to listen. I strive to understand people and to be sympathetic to their needs.

Can you tell me about a recent win that you’ve had?

I recently partnered with a furniture specialist on two office remodels. The first project came about because I took the time to show the client all the different options that we offered. We reviewed different colors, fabric options, and how it could all tie together to create a really cool workspace. The second opportunity came about because I took the time to investigate what the client was doing. They were utilizing a furniture rental supplier, instead of us, because they were unaware of all the options that we offered. Through a little education, the client is now getting everything they need from my team and they couldn’t be happier.

Do you find the leadership team at Staples supportive?

I do. I am good at what I do because of the support from the management team. They take the time to ensure you have the proper tools to do your job well.

What do you enjoy about #StaplesLife?

What I love most about working here is the respect that everyone has for one another. No matter what problem we’re facing, the team stays professional and calm. We work together to ensure everyone can be successful. You are treated like a person here and that is important to me.

It can’t be all work, no play. Can you tell me about some of your passions outside the office?

Gladly. I am a seafood chef on the side and have been in the fish business my whole life. Through this, I’ve also written four cookbooks that I am currently trying to publish. It’s not all seafood though. Recently, I have been brushing up my baking skills and have been making Italian cannoli’s. They were my great-great-grandmother’s recipe. The office goes wild when I bring them in. They are a lot of work, but when you’re passionate about something, it’s not work.


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